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Delivering an instantly recognisable logo and a responsive website to keep fans up to date with releases and live dates.
Branding, Website
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branding, print
About This Project

Porcus are an artisan sausage & cured meats producer based in Todmorden. They approached Creative and asked us to develop their already strong brand identity to help take them to the next level in their development and journey as a brand. Creative started by reworking and refining the Porcus sausage packaging helping to develop their messages and deliver a better packed product. The sausages & bacon have been a huge success and can now be found in local Co-Op food stores. We are actively working on redesigning, restructuring and redeveloping the Porcus website into a user friendly journey through the Porcus story while demonstrating the products themselves.


We have worked closely with Porcus for over a year now helping to shape the brand and its identity we cannot wait to see where the brand will go next and where we will be asked to take them.